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Towards the end of the seventh century B.C., God’s chosen city – the city of David, Jerusalem, was edging towards annihilation. The last remaining inhabitants of the great city were fearfully contemplating an uncertain future while waiting for the inevitable ransacking from besieging Babylonian forces.

Jerusalem had seen the north of Israel torn apart and the seed of Abraham flung out into exile beyond the Euphrates. A succession of ruthless Assyrian conquerors had taken the tribes of Israel captive during the previous hundred and fifty years, and so it was easy to envisage what lay in store for Jerusalem: the last of Israel.

The priests lamented and accused the Lord of forsaking them. They grieved for the oath that God had made to Abraham, but which now seemed a faded hopeful fantasy. The immense and unconditional promises to the fathers of Israel, should have progressed into the development of a Kingdom that would bring blessing and light to all the families of the earth. But the dream had failed and become a crashing train wreck. It appeared that Abraham’s seed would soon be extinguished.

The Mesopotamian armies of Nebuchadnezzar would soon grind down the city of David and scatter its inhabitants like dust. But this was not the end, it was only the beginning. It is God’s sworn duty to complete the work He had begun when He spoke to Abraham and promised him a kingdom. God’s righteousness is that He does not lie, and so the Son of man would be sent to repair, find, gather, and restore the Kingdom that had been lost.

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