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Armageddon is about the displacement or destruction of any nation that tries to prevent the fulfilment of His plan. Armageddon is about God protecting his people, not destroying them. Armageddon is about God protecting His promises that he made in the beginning to Abraham and the prophets, to bring blessing to all the families of the earth. Posted 21/5/23

Daniel’s 70-week prophecy

Daniel 9 is a prophecy about the first coming of Christ. It would take 70-weeks from Artaxerxes’ (King of Persia) commandment to rebuild Jerusalem to the death of Jesus. It also describes how the death of Jesus brought forgiveness to the people of Israel and declared the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. Posted 26/2/23

The Great Tribulation Relelation 7

Posted 26/2/23

The Great Tribulation Matthew 24

Is the great tribulation a fearful coming judgement, or is it a passed event that we have no need to worry about? Posted 12/2/23

The Vineyard

God destroys the husband-men not the vineyard and gives the vineyard to others, the Church to maintain. Posted 27/8/22

God's Promises

If you can not keep promises, how can you be trusted? Posted 8/6/19

Prophecy of Balaam

Israel is so corrupt, yet God recognises no sin in them. Posted 9/6/19

Understand The Times You Are In

If you know where you are in the timeline of God's plan, you will know what you should do. Posted 22/6/19

Israel and the Church

The Church has not replaced Israel. Posted 22/6/19